Oops! Domains with WordPress in Them

So I was just reading a post by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg about transferring the WordPress trademark to the WordPress Foundation. In the first comment to the post, someone asked if that meant that the word WordPress is now kosher in domain names. To which Matt replied it’s not. Whoa! Woops! What! Gotta say I had no idea that was the case when I reserved the domain name, for this site. Matt’s response included a link to WordPress’s domain policy and is further clarified in a draft Trademark policy.

Now, I’m definitely a fan of WordPress and the community so I definitely plan to fix this site to comply with WordPress’s domain policy. Not sure if it will become or what. Gotta think about that, but this site’s domain name and name will be changed by the end of this coming weekend. Hmm, wonder what their policy is on twitter accounts now since I’m using @MauiWordPress.


Just reserved the domain name and transferred all the old site’s content here and I’m now redirecting the old domain of to this site,