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Having spent most of my morning cleaning up a WordPress hack, the value of WordPress security is on my mind. Make no mistake, there are people out there, who, for whatever reason want to hijack your WordPress site. Being the most popular content management system and blogging platform out there has it’s disadvantages. It makes WordPress a target for hackers. There are a lot of things you can do to harden the security of your WordPress site. Rather than write my own article on the subject though, I’ll reference a good article written by Hawaii Web Group. Check out their Keeping Your WordPress Blog From Being Hacked article for changes you can make to make your site less attractive to hackers. There’s a lot of technical details but there’s also some simple advice that you can incorporate like deleting the admin user, using strong passwords as well as some security plugins to help monitor and secure your site.

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Most importantly, make sure you do regular backups of both your database content and your files. If your site gets hacked, you might be left with no other choice than to delete WordPress completely, re-install a fresh, clean version and use your backup to import your content. You’ll also need backups of your images other media you’ve uploaded as well so make sure to backup your files regularly as well.

There’s a new book out on WordPress security, WordPress 3 Ultimate Security by Olly Connelly, aka, the Guvnr who wrote the blog article, 10 Tips To Make WordPress Hack-Proof. The Ultimate Guide. I’m hoping to get ahold of a copy soon to review here.

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  1. jeffbennett Post author

    I appreciate the hard work you guys did on that. Security isn’t fun, but it’s very necessary and you guys did a good job. Thanks!

  2. the_guv

    cheers Jeff, appreciate the heads-up on the Hack-Proof piece.

    You may have noticed in the comments that I promised a follow up? Well, it turned out a bit big for a blog post ;)

    .. Published last week by Packt … http://guv.li/wpguv .. close to 400 pages of “WordPress 3 Ultimate Security” … hope you like it and kind regards to you.

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